Restoring FAITH and Building PRIDE !!!

Vote Darrell Boyce District 2 SAISD Board



Pastor Darrell A. Boyce

Dear Family and Friends
As most of you may know already I have decided to run for the District 2 SAISD Board The decision was made because I feel the only true way to make effective change in our community is to start with our most precious treasure our kids. Over the next four years, we as a community will fight to keep our schools from closing, while creating innovative ways to not only educate but sustain our commitment to equal education across this district. My campaign slogan is " Restoring Faith and Building Pride" its time to do just that in this School District. Many parents have taken their kids out of district 2 schools and we want them back. We will Restore the faith in our schools by consistently improving and maintaining higher levels of achievements academically and through our sports, elective and after school programs. Its time that we reinvest in the only Highschool, Sam Houston High School the true and original PRIDE of the East side. This campaign is only a 90 days and we need your help. Lets talk, block walk lets get ready to be the change we want in our community. If you would like to volunteer or contribute to our campaign please contact me directly at 2103938432 or email  

Thank you.

Sincerely ,
 Darrell "The Voice" Boyce